President-elect Kennedy Meets the Press

I become
easiest ten years extinct, nevertheless I be acutely aware the put up-election remarks given by John F. Kennedy
on television on this masks day in 1960.  The
president-elect become pushed by a crowd in a white Lincoln Continental from
Hyannis Port to the close by Nationwide Guard Armory in Hyannis.  The journalists there gave him a standing
ovation before he study congratulatory telegrams from Richard Nixon and Dwight
Eisenhower, thanked supporters, gave a quick acceptance speech, and ended by
saying, “and now my spouse and I put together for a model uncommon administration and a model uncommon
dinky one.”  John F. Kennedy, Jr., become born
two weeks later.

session could be JFK’s first as he transitioned from candidate to
president.  Over the course of his
1,036-day presidency, he held sixty-four information conferences (about one each two
weeks) at which he become successfully keen and witty. 
The identical earlier venue become the cavernous auditorium on the Ship

who become as soon as briefly a reporter himself (Hearst), had an accurate relationship with
the press although—as with all presidents—it also needs to simply be moody.  He understood the draw of the media in
American society. 

been by the historic armory a number of cases over time.  I am struck by how little the constructing is; it
regarded broad to me on television fifty-eight years in the past.  Sadly, the armory has fallen into disrepair
and is basically abandoned, nevertheless apparently there are efforts underway to
rehabilitate it.  I in reality hope so.

Right here is
a photograph of the armory that I took earlier this yr.

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